10 Signs You Might Be a Highly Sensitive Person

Do you often feel like you are more observant than others? That you think out your actions far more than the average person? According to Elaine Aron, a research and clinical psychologist, and the author of The Undervalued SelfThe Highly Sensitive Person, and The Highly Sensitive Child, approximately 15-20% of people have a trait called Sensory-Processing Sensitivity that can play a huge role in how they view themselves and experience the world.

10 Signs You Might Be a Highly Sensitive Person


Are you…

  • slow to make decisions?
  • very sensitive to pain?
  • easily overwhelmed by things like bright lights, strong smells, coarse fabrics, or loud noises?
  • someone who works hard to avoid making mistakes or forgetting things?
  • bothered when you have a lot to do in a short amount of time?
  • someone whose parents or teachers said was sensitive or shy?
  • deeply moved by the arts or music?
  • someone who avoids violent movies and TV shows?
  • startled easily?
  • someone with a rich, complex inner life?

High sensitivity is a naturally occurring personality trait, which has been found by biologists in both humans and hundreds of animals, including dogs, primates, fruit flies, and fish. People with this trait tend to notice things around them more than others, but this can also lead to them becoming overwhelmed when things are too intense, complex, or chaotic. When this happens, the highly sensitive person will often take their mistakes more seriously and feel more deeply about everything. This can lead to underperformance and undervaluing oneself, as the highly sensitive person tries to navigate a world that can be too much to handle by themselves. This personality trait often comes with emotional or interpersonal challenges – and may co-occur with anxiety and depression. In these situations, people who are highly sensitive may find talk therapy useful for their overall well-being.

Do you think that you might be a highly sensitive person? Is it affecting your life negatively?

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