13 Reasons Why Praise & Criticism

In this piece from the media website Newsy, we learn the positive and negative impacts that have stemmed from the Netflix show “13 Reasons Why”. The series is based off a book named the same title, written by author Jay Asher, which tells the story of a teen named Clay Jensen who comes home from school to find a box of video recorded diary entries left for him by his high school crush, Hannah. Two weeks after the tapes were left for Clay on his front step – Hannah commits suicide. The show goes on to narrate the storyline from both Clay and Hannah’s point of view. [1]

Some praise 13 Reasons Why for starting the dialogue on topics such as suicide, sexual assault and bullying – but others are warning that the show itself may be glorifying these already very serious and potentially life ending topics. We should note that the show’s producers did respond to criticism that the series did not provide enough mental health resources for viewers who may be struggling – there is now a dedicated website created by the show’s producers that offers links and phone numbers to mental health supports across the globe. Here in Canada, a 2016 survey of 1,319 females aged 13 – 18 found that 22 percent had contemplated suicide in the past 12 months.[2] Another startling statistic is suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people aged 10-24 in Canada – just behind car accidents. [3]

At The Therapy Centre, our team of highly qualified and dedicated clinicians work with youth and adolescents in the areas of depressionsuicidal thoughts or behaviours, anger management, as well as eating disorders. With offices located in the Northwest area of Oakville and in the Limeridge Medical Centre in Hamilton, we are easily accessible from Peel and Niagara Region as well.  If your teen or a teen you know is in immediate distress, we have provided crisis lines below you may contact for Peel and Halton Region, as well as Hamilton.

Affiliated Links:  https://13reasonswhy.info/

Crisis Numbers:

Halton COAST: 1-877-825-9011

Peel COAST:  (905) 278-9036

Hamilton COAST: (905)-972-8338

Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868


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