Psychoeducational and Autism Assessment Services

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Psychoeducational Assessments

  • Learning Disabilities

Children with undiagnosed learning difficulties may develop behavioural problems that can mask the struggles they are experiencing every day at school. These behavioural problems can include angry outbursts, silliness, chatting excessively, or even defiance, but sometimes there is a lot more going on than just a naughty child.

An undiagnosed problem with writing is one example of a learning problem that can be frustrating and embarrassing for a child who may be very intelligent and capable in every other way, but there are many ways that children can be struggling to learn. Imagine being called on in class to read aloud, but the letters on the page seem to be backwards or in a language you can barely recognize. Stumbling over words in front of their classmates can be so embarrassing that some children resort to distracting the class with inappropriate comments or “bad behaviour” that serves to hide the fact they cannot read.  Sometimes it feels better to be scolded for bad behaviour than to be seen as unable to do what everyone else seems to do so easily.

Understanding your child’s behaviour and diagnosing any underlying learning difficulties is something a Psychologist or Psychological Associate can do by conducting a psychoeducational assessment that includes a series of tests, interviews, and questionnaires.  A good assessment by a qualified practitioner will identify your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses, any emotional difficulties such as low self-esteem or anxiety and will provide recommendations to help your child feel better and do his or her best at school.

At The Therapy Centre, we provide comprehensive psycho-educational assessments by a qualified practitioner. Our assessment reports are geared towards the school boards needs so that an individualized education plan can be developed.