Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that is characterized by longstanding difficulties with social communication and restricted/repetitive behaviours or interests.

Therapist examining a child's drawing - Autism Spectrum Disorder Support and Therapy is available at The Therapy Centre in Toronto, Oakville and Hamilton

Some signs of autism are:

  • Language delays
  • Difficulty with back and forth conversations or activities (e.g., passing a ball back and forth)
  • Difficulty starting conversations with others or responding to others attempts to start a conversation
  • Not sharing successes or enjoyment with others
  • Difficulty understanding sarcasm or humour (i.e., they take words literally)
  • Difficulty understanding emotions or expressing emotions
  • Difficulty using nonverbal gestures (e.g., eye contact, waving, facial expressions)
  • Difficulty with friends (e.g., no interest in peers, playing alone or parallel to other children)
  • Difficulty engaging in imaginative or make-believe play
  • Flapping arms, spinning, running in circles, lining toys up
  • Repeating words or phases
  • Difficulty adjusting to even small changes, black and white thinking, needing to do the same things in the exact same way (e.g., eating a certain cereal in a certain bowl every morning)
  • Restricted interests
  • Sensory sensitivity (e.g., indifference to pain, overwhelmed by loud sounds and smells, staring into lights, rubbing hands over carpets or walls)

We offer full assessments to diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorders. Following an assessment, our clinicians will provide you with the appropriate referrals to access treatment and services for the individual struggling with these issues.

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