Becoming an Effective Leader

Becoming an Effective Leader

African American Male Speaking - Becoming an Effective Leader Article by The Therapy Centre

Throughout our lives we all end up taking on a leadership role at some point. Whether it’s group work at school, caring for children, or managing a team at work, effectively influencing others to follow your lead can be a difficult task. If you are on the path to leadership in your career, finding effective and proven methods of influencing your team is the key to success. Below are just a couple of the helpful tips you can find in Leading with Influence: Nine principles of persuasion to accelerate your career by professor and research fellow at Hult International Business School, Amanda Nimon-Peters, PhD.

1. You can be a likable leader without being everyone’s best friend

Everyone wants to be liked, but being a leader often means that you must direct people to do things that they may not be interested in or want to do. According to Nimon-Peters’ research, one of the keys to influencing your team is developing a sense of comradery. If your team members can identify with you and each other, they are far more likely to want to help the group succeed. As the leader, your job is to encourage and celebrate people when they perform a task well, and make sure that they know that you are just as invested in the outcome of their success as they are.

2. People will do what you ask, as long as it doesn’t inconvenience them.

When presented with the problem of getting someone to do what you want, people often resort to two tactics. They will either pressure the other person with reasons why the task must be done, or they will offer a bribe to get the other person to comply. However, Nimon-Peters’ research indicates that by simply asking, if it doesn’t drastically inconvenience the other person, has a higher rate of success. As a leader, you are more likely to get a positive response to your request if your team member sees the act as something simple that will not take too much effort or upset their current workflow. Effective leaders will evaluate how difficult a task will be and try to limit the amount of effort that it will take for their team member to generate the desired outcome.

If you are working towards advancing your career, Working With Influence can help you discover practical tips for developing your leadership style. With chapters full of applied workplace examples, and psychological research, Dr. Nimon-Peters’ book is the modern guide for anyone looking to improve their communication, networking and drive in business.

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