Caring for Yourself During Lockdown

With a second lockdown upon us, more people than ever are struggling with COVID fatigue. Although we are much better prepared this time around, the anger, resentment, depression, anxiety, and fear that many of us are feeling is just as difficult to process as it was the first time. Now, more than ever, learning self-care routines to keep you going through this difficult time is essential. Here are a few things that you can do that won’t cost you anything extra, but may help on a day that you are struggling.

Take breaks

Many of us will continue to work from home during lockdown. It can be easy to blur boundaries when you aren’t working in your normal office space, and we often forget to take regular breaks. There are many freely available timing apps that can be downloaded to your computer or phone to help you keep track of your time and remind you to step away for a few minutes. Studies have shown that the need to make frequent decisions during your workday can wear down your willpower and reasoning ability. By stepping away for a few minutes, you can reboot your brain and be more productive.

Get moving

Even just a small amount of movement will help get your blood flowing and wake up those stiff and tired muscles. Stretch, roll your shoulders, shake it off, or have a full-on dance party. Physical activity can help bump up the production of your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. Although this function is often referred to as a runner’s high, any aerobic activity that gets your heart pumping can contribute to this same feeling.

Choose your food wisely

With holiday treats still laying about and the cold weather keeping us indoors, many of us find ourselves nibbling on sweets throughout the day or forgetting to eat regular meals. Setting a meal plan for the week, eating at regular times, and purchasing the healthy foods that make you feel good are important to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Do something nice for yourself

Often we get so caught up in caring for others that we forget to take care of ourselves. Taking some time to pamper yourself by taking a long, warm bath (with tons of bubbles!), giving yourself a manicure, reading a good book, or making your favourite meal can provide some much needed self-care and a break from everyday chores.

Are you struggling with COVID fatigue?

The Therapy Centre has skilled Psychologists, Social Workers and Psychotherapists who effectively treat a variety of issues that may arise from the Covid-19 situation including fears, health anxiety, dealing with issues related to loneliness and isolation, how to manage uncertainty and how to increase ones tolerance for the unknown.

At The Therapy Centre we are now offering Telehealth services including secure phone sessions and videoconferencing.

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