Finding Happiness During Difficult Times

During these challenging times it is important to take some time to find those small moments of joy and happiness in our day to day lives. It can be easy to get lost in anxious thoughts and you may even feel guilty about being happy. Facing those negative thoughts is important, but it’s also important to recognize and appreciate those moments when we feel joy, gratitude, and comfort.

Recognizing happiness

Happiness means something different to everyone, but most of us can think of one thing that makes us smile every time. Maybe it’s a beautiful sunset, or your favourite song, or watching a cute puppy video. Recognizing how you feel during these small moments of happiness can serve as a reminder for when you are struggling and need a boost.

Feeling grateful

People often only consider being grateful for the “good things”, but in times like these we may need to look harder for the good in our lives. We can take this opportunity to gain clarity, get creative and motivated, discover our own strengths and value, and remember that we are all connected.

Shared joy

While we are all likely to have bad days, looking to others who have found joy can help us get back that spark of happiness. Whether it’s your dog playing in a mud puddle, your child dancing to their favourite song, or your partner enjoying their morning cup of coffee, sharing these moments and appreciating their happiness can increase your own.

Are you struggling to feel happiness during this time?

The Therapy Centre has skilled Psychologists, Social Workers and Psychotherapists who effectively treat a variety of issues that may arise from the COVID-19 situation including fears, health anxiety, issues related to isolation and loneliness, how to manage uncertainty and how to increase ones tolerance for the unknown.

At The Therapy Centre we are now offering Telehealth services including secure phone sessions and videoconferencing.

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