How To Boost Your Mood

Have you ever experienced negative emotions? Feelings of negative self-worth? Unhappy with your environment? Feeling as if nothing is going your way? It can be quite challenging to deal with negative emotions; however, it is essential to remember one thing – bad days happen.
Although we cannot make these negative emotions disappear, some tips can help boost positive emotions. Not all have to be implemented in your routine to increase one’s mood but trying just one may help. It may seem as though we have no control over our emotions. Here you will find 7 science-based tips to help improve mood.

1. Identify your emotions

Have you ever felt like something was ‘off’ but did not know what exactly you were feeling? That can sometimes happen. Emotions are like waves – they come in and float away and come back in. Take a moment to ask yourself what emotions you are feeling or experiencing and what can help you feel better. When negative emotions try to creep in, try to identify them and reflect on why you think you feel them. Here are some emotions you can reflect on.

  • Confused
  • Anxious
  • Angry
  • Confident
  • Peaceful
  • Happy
  • Sad

2. Try spending time with your loved ones

Try reaching out to friends and family. When allowed to discuss our emotions, it can help us process our feelings, put them into perspective, and gather others’ insight. Spending time with your loved ones can also include cooking a meal together, watching a movie or having a paint night – anything that you are comfortable with.

3. Do not spread yourself too thin

Overtaxing one’s strength can increase levels of stress. Reducing the number of responsibilities within a day, even if it means doing less or doing things during a longer timeframe, can be helpful. Take a moment to set realistic deadlines and avoid self-blame for “doing nothing”. Take a couple of steps back and give yourself some ‘me’ time.

4. Step out for fresh air, maybe go out for a walk

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can get overwhelming at times, and fresh air, some sun, or even the sights and smells of nature can help reduce negative emotions. Do mild exercises such as going on a 30-minute walk, even if it’s to the grocery store.

5. Practice gratitude

Gratitude allows us to recognize the good in our lives. Practicing gratitude can help remind us about the positives by shifting our focus on the good rather than the bad. There are gratitude journals that can be purchased, or even journaling the smallest things can help develop positive emotions.

6. Do not beat yourself up about feeling bad

It’s okay if you are feeling bad. Do not force yourself to forget or pretend like everything is okay. Negative emotions occur and can help us take care of ourselves. Feelings of sadness can help us ask for support, anger can help us stand up for ourselves, and fear can help us prepare for imminent threats (Davis, 2021).

7. Have compassion for yourself

When we have pre-existing negative beliefs about ourselves, we tend to believe the negative more often than the positive. Starting with self-compassion is a good step. Engage in positive self-talk and remind yourself often about your strengths.

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