How to Deal with Insomnia

How to Deal with Insomnia


Approximately one in seven Canadians have problems going to sleep or staying asleep, and thus is considered to have insomnia. Research has found close ties between insomnia and stress, chronic conditions such as arthritis that involve pain, anxiety and mood disorders, frequent use of alcohol or cannabis and obesity. These co-morbid relationships can be complex and it can be difficult to understand the cause and effect relationship. Insomnia can significantly interfere with an individual’s daily functioning and substantially affect quality of life.  Successful management of a patient with insomnia is a function of appropriate guidance, advice and reassurance. Many people are reluctant to take sleep medications and/or have difficulty tolerating the side effects, making psychological therapy an important option.

At The Therapy Centre, our clinicians help clients examine and better understand the contributing factors to their insomnia to help facilitate short and long term solutions. Our clinicians offer:

  • practical sleep hygiene strategies
  • take-home relaxation CD’s (or make personalized tapes when indicated)
  • mindfulness strategies

We also treat any underlying conditions causing or exasperating sleep problems.