How To Deal With Loneliness During COVID-19

As we all continue to do our best to stay inside and maintain physical distancing, it can be especially difficult for those who live alone or who are easily triggered into feeling lonely. The inability to see and interact with our friends and family members can be incredibly painful and may lead to mental health issues.

Social distancing vs. physical distancing

While media outlets and others continue to use the term “social distancing”, it is important to remember that what they really mean is physical distancing. Maintaining strong social bonds during this time is very important, and we are lucky enough to live in the modern world where we can use phones and computers to stay in touch.

Here are six strategies for keeping the “social” in social distancing:

  • The classic phone call – Before coronavirus, many of us had become used to avoiding the phone in favour of texts. Now we are suddenly learning the importance of hearing each other’s voices, and have begun to once again enjoy the simple pleasure of a long conversation from a distance.
  • Video calls – For those of us who really need to see another person face to face, there are many new ways of getting together. Apps like FaceTimeZoomSkype, and Facebook Messenger are all easy to use and are being used by millions of people right now to stay in touch.
  • Handwritten letters – Even though we may have more immediate ways to contact each other, sometimes the simple act of putting pen to paper can have a calming effect on our emotions. Sending a card or letter to a friend or family member can brighten their day. And if you have already sent mail to everyone you know, you could check out websites like PostcrossingWorldwide Snail Mail Pen Pals, and Penpal World.
  • Online book club – Many people are taking this opportunity to catch up on reading, so why not take it a step further and share your thoughts with others? Check with your local library to see if they are offering online book club meetings, or visit Goodreads to share your ideas and find a group of like-minded readers.
  • Virtual multi-player games – Gaming often gets a bad reputation, but there are many multi-player games available online that allow people from all over the world to connect and play together at a time when we can’t leave our homes.
  • Watch movies together, apart – Netflix Party allows you to use your computer browser to sync video playback with multiple computers, and set up a chat so everyone can comment, chat, and enjoy a show together.

Need help dealing with loneliness and isolation?

The Therapy Centre has skilled Psychologists, Social Workers and Psychotherapists who effectively treat a variety of issues that may arise from the COVID-19 situation including fears, health anxiety, dealing with issues related to loneliness and isolation, how to manage uncertainty and how to increase ones tolerance for the unknown.

At The Therapy Centre we are now offering Telehealth services including secure phone sessions and videoconferencing.

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