Mental Health Benefits of Gardening

It is finally warming up outside, and many of us are itching to get outside to enjoy the sun and get some fresh air. Of course, with the current social distancing rules, we must all be careful of how we are spending our outdoor time. Luckily, this is also the perfect time to start a new hobby.

Practicing acceptance

Gardening is a full-proof way of learning that no matter how much preparation and effort you put into something; things don’t often come out the way you had planned. At some point you have to just let nature take its course and hope for the best.

Connecting with others

Although gardening might seem like a solitary hobby, there is a huge community of gardeners eagerly waiting for new converts to join their ranks. Along with all the incredible online resources that provide information and solidarity, a few beautiful flowers in your front yard may earn a smile from someone walking by, or a bumper crop of zucchini could be the perfect excuse to share with your neighbours.

Connecting with nature

Being surrounded by greens, digging in the soil, and connecting with your world in a very tangible way can be incredibly life affirming. Eating homegrown vegetables or creating a bouquet from the flowers you have grown brings with it a sense of accomplishment.

Studies have also found evidence that being in green, or even being able to look out on a green landscape, is linked with better recovery from surgery, less anxiety and depression, better stress management, and many other positive effects.

Physical exercise

You may not realize how much exercise you are getting as you dig in the dirt, haul garden hoses and soil, and stretch for that perfectly ripe tomato, but your body will definitely feel it. As you nurture your garden, you are inadvertently nurturing your body through bending, stretching, and lifting.

Healthy eating

Last but not least, a vegetable garden can yield the freshest and healthiest foods available, including the types of food that can have a significant impact on our mental health. You get to choose what you grow, what you put in your body, and can gain satisfaction from the knowledge that you were the one to grow your healthy foods.

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