Psychodynamic Therapy

Two females sitting on the couch - Psychodynamic Therapy is available at The Therapy Centre with locations in Toronto, Oakville and Hamilton (GTA)

Psychodynamic psychotherapy, also referred to as psychoanalytically-informed therapy or insight-oriented therapy, is an empirically supported, open-ended approach that helps guide people to deep emotional insight with the goal of making long-term change.

Psychodynamic therapy focusses on exploring recurring themes and patterns in a person’s life and helps people put words to their emotions, thoughts, fantasies, dreams and daydreams that may have been initially difficult to recognize or acknowledge.

Through the meaningful relationship formed between the psychodynamic therapist and patient, the patient is encouraged to explore connections between past experiences and their present life, with the goal of helping the person gain greater flexibility in their view of themselves and in their relationships with others.