Souha Bawab, M.A. Psych. Associate

Psychological Associate

Souha Bawab has a master’s degree in psychology and over 8 years of experience providing therapy.

Souha has extensive training in short-term psychodynamic therapy and also heavily relies on behavioural, cognitive-behavioural, interpersonal, and experiential interventions in her work. Souha is passionate about helping people with mood and anxiety symptoms, relationship issues, problems resulting from loss or traumatic experiences, addictions, and self-defeating behaviours.

Souha believes that the engine to every therapy is the client’s goals. Using a warm and collaborative approach, Souha works with her clients to help them uncover what is getting in the way of achieving their goals.

Souha has worked in a hospital setting for general mental health, and residential and outpatient settings treating mental health and addictions via individual and group psychotherapy. Souha has co-authored several publications in scientific journals and taught a course at the university level.

Psychological Associate Souha Bawab works at the Oakville Location.