Steps to Self-Empowerment

Many of us are victims. Whether you have experienced abuse, harm, or hurt, you can be a victim to an unfortunate event. According to the article, “10 Ways to Stop Being a Victim and Be Empowered” written by Darlene Lancer, no one consciously chooses or enjoys being a victim however, we can claim our power.

Lancer explains that being a victim can be looked at as “frowned upon” which can lead to a negative perception of yourself. Victims can often feel shame or neglect. These negative emotions make it hard to develop self-worth or learn how to stand up to the pain you are experiencing.

When you begin to understand the impact of being victimized, it can be enlightening and empowering. This can be a challenging road because you can sit stuck in your perspective leading to repetitive, unhelpful thoughts. By learning to talk to others such as family, friends, or a therapist, and setting boundaries with yourself and others, you can become empowered and no longer be a victim to someone else.

Whatever the reasons are that you are feeling victimized, the steps to self-empowerment described in Lancer’s article are suggested ways to achieve the freedom of self-empowerment.

  1. Learn and gather information and sources that relates to what you are experiencing.
  2. Get support from a trusted individual such as a therapist.
  3. Be aware and observe yourself, your thoughts and behaviours.
  4. Align your behaviour with your goals and values.
  5. Ensure you are meeting your needs and what fulfills you.
  6. Challenge yourself and your beliefs. Do your beliefs allow you to accomplish your goals?
  7. Take responsibility of your choices. This can lead to change.
  8. Obtain the required or necessary skills and resources and take action to achieve your goals.
  9. Become assertive. This empowers you to be authentic, set limits, and to build your self-esteem.
  10. Don’t blame others. Do not be defensive. Take responsibility for your happiness and unhappiness.

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