The Benefits of Journaling on Mental Health

Many of us have a spare notebook or three laying around the house, and now is the perfect time to crack one open and start journaling. When times are hard, being able to put your thoughts down on paper can be incredibly helpful in identifying thoughts and feelings, improving problem-solving skills, and calming and clearing your mind.

Taking time each day to collect your thoughts and write in a journal has been proven to:

  • promote and enhance creativity
  • facilitate learning by creating a record of lessons and key ideas
  • help you identify goals
  • boost your overall sense of gratitude
  • help you recover from daily stressors
  • provide a written record of your experiences each day
  • help identify patterns in your thinking
  • and, makes you a better writer

Of course, making your journal your own and writing what you want is the key to constructive journaling. Try to write in a private space where you are free from distractions and can take time to reflect on things before and after you have written. It’s your journal, so keeping it private and secure will allow you to feel safe to express your emotions and ideas freely.

Below are a few simple prompts to start you on your journaling adventure:

  • Write about something (or someone) extremely important to you.
  • What are some things that bring you joy (e.g. activities, hobbies, experiences)?
  • Write about three things you’re grateful for today — and why.
  • Who in your immediate present circle seems most in need of joy?
  • Write about a current challenge you’re struggling with and possible solutions.

Are you interested in learning about more coping strategies?

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