True Grit

Angela Duckworth defines grit as “Sticking with things over the very long term until you master them.” In the video below, Duckworth explains how perseverance and passion are equal to intelligence when measuring success in one’s life.  Grit does not rely on talent either; it is about putting in the work and having the tenacity to see your goals through.  In fact, many psychologists are now focusing on grit as being an essential element to happiness.

Grit helps individuals to succeed in the long term, and Grittier people are explained to view life as a marathon rather than a sprint. This idea is supported by earlier comments regarding perseverance and passion, but also by the concept of a “growth mindset” that Duckworth reinforces by explaining that our “ability to learn is not fixed,” and “that it can change with your effort.” The growth mindset is based upon the brain’s ability to change and grow through time when introduced to challenges, and when students learn about this concept and become aware, they are more likely to persevere over their own failures and shortcomings. Furthermore, the growth mindset instills the belief that failure is not a permanent condition, and can be overcome by an individual’s ability to grow beyond it. Overall, the growth mindset is a key component of Grit, especially when considering Grittiness to be a factor in an individual’s long term growth.

Our children’s mental health and development is vital to their long term success in their personal and educational lives.  At The Therapy Centre, we have a team of accomplished and dedicated Psychologists, and some who have specialized training and education working with children in the areas of AnxietyLearning DisabilitiesEating Disorder, Mood Disorders, Depression and Identity Issues. With clinics located in both Oakville and Hamilton, we provide services to clients living in Mississauga, Halton Region, Halton Hills and Hamilton – Wentworth Region.

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