World Bipolar Day – March 30th 2022

World Bipolar Day, March 30th

On March 30th each year people around the world come together to discuss the impact and importance of awareness about Bipolar Disorders and to help eliminate the social stigma around this life-long mental health issue.

World Bipolar Day 2022 Article by The Therapy Centre

What is Bipolar Disorder?

“Bipolar disorder is a chronically recurring condition involving moods that swing between the highs of mania and the lows of depression.” (Psychology Today) People with Bipolar Disorder often recognize symptoms of depression as the most obvious sign of the illness, however, the manic phase can manifest itself in equally upsetting ways with a mix of irritability, anger, or other harmful behaviours. Both genetic and environmental factors have been identified in creating a vulnerability to Bipolar Disorder. Although it often runs in families, studies have shown that various types of childhood trauma may play a role in accelerating the condition in those who already have a vulnerability to the condition.
People with Bipolar Disorder may feel well between time of depression or manic episodes. However, when their mood changes, they might see changes in energy levels or how they act. Previously, Bipolar Disorder was called manic depression.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder can be severe and can affect all areas of one’s life, such as work, school and relationships. Because Bipolar Disorder is a recurring illness, long-term treatment is necessary. In combination with prescribed drugs, psychotherapy is valuable in teaching self-management skills which help keep daily ups and down from triggering full-blown episodes.

Do you or someone you know possibly have Bipolar Disorder?

The Therapy Centre has skilled Psychologists, Social Workers and Psychotherapists who can assist you in learning more about Bipolar Disorder and help you develop coping skills. Our team is trained in effectively treating a wide variety of mental health issues, including anxiety, stress, low mood/depression and fears.

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World Bipolar Day