Repairing Your Brain With Sleep

Most of us are aware of the importance of sleep on healing the body, but we don’t always make the connection that it is equally important for the brain. Sleep has been proven to improve memory recall, regulate metabolism, and reduce mental fatigue. Each phase of the sleep cycle restores and rejuvenates the brain for optimal function. When sleep is deprived, it has been proven that toxins can build up, and the effects will become apparent in cognitive abilities, behaviour, and judgment.

In a recent study from Boston University, researchers found that during non-REM sleep, slow waves of cerebrospinal fluid, a clear, watery liquid, would essentially wash over the brain. This process can only occur during non-REM sleep, when neurons start to sync up turning off and on in unison. During this time, toxins built up throughout the day, including those that have been associated with Alzheimer’s disease, are washed away.

Additionally, lack of sleep has been shown to increase stress and anxiety. While sleeping, your brain cycles through the events of the day, which helps consolidate memories and work through emotions. This study found that people who had their REM sleep disrupted were still irritated by the emotional events they experienced the previous day. Those who had ample REM sleep, on the other hand, were better able to put their issues in perspective; when they woke up, the problem that bothered them a day earlier now carried “lesser emotional significance.”

Is lack of sleep affecting your emotional wellbeing?

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