New Hamilton Location

New Hamilton Location

We’re pleased to announce that our new Hamilton location is ready to accept new appointment bookings to serve you better. Our Hamilton office is pleased to offer psychological services for children, teens, adults, couples and families.

The Therapy Centre Hamilton Psychologists & Therapists are located in the Wentworth-Limeridge Medical Centre Building is located at the following address:

849 Upper Wentworth St., Suite 208
Hamilton, ON
L9A 5H4

Tel: (289) 291-0206 or 1-844-895-9769 | Fax: (289) 291-0207

info {at} thetherapycentre {dot} ca


Monday-Wednesday: 9am-4pm
Thursday: ...

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New Perinatal & Postpartum Services

We are pleased to announce our new perinatal & postpartum services.

Perinatal and postpartum difficulties often present themselves initially by specific thought patterns, which are often characterized as scary, worrisome, intrusive and unwanted and are hard to disclose. For example, after hearing about someone having a miscarriage while pregnant, the average person might feel a temporary sense of unease and worry. Excessive worriers, however, might be up all night, seek reassurance by researching symptoms, then continue to worry for days about ...

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Recognizing and Helping Kids with Behaviour Issues

Recognizing behaviour changes and helping kids with behaviour issues.

With school underway perhaps you’ve noticed a change in your child’s behaviour.

Behaviour issues whether at home or at school can negatively impact a child’s functioning and development.  These behavioural changes can be a sign that a child or teen is struggling with any number of mental health issues, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Experiences of bullying
  • Learning disabilities
  • ADHD
  • Emotion regulation issues

Our clinicians are experienced in assessing and treating behaviours issues and their underlying causes.  We will work ...

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Children with learning difficulties need us in their corner



Early diagnosis could change your child’s life

By Ann Gelsheimer, MEd, DTS, MA, C. Psych. Assoc.

Did you know that children with undiagnosed learning difficulties may develop behavioural problems that can mask the struggles they are experiencing every day at school? These behavioural problems can include angry outbursts, silliness, chatting excessively, or even defiance, but sometimes there is a lot more going on than just a ...

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Useful apps for fear, anxiety, relaxation and more

Do you suffer from anxiety? Do you need to relax more or be more compassionate towards yourself? If you answered yes, you might want to consider trying one of the easy to use apps below:



Have you ever wondered how to meditate but just didn’t know where to start?!? Then this app is for you. Plenty of detailed instructions, programmes and animations, this clever app guides you every step of the way. It boasts “the buddy system” where you can ...

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Back to school nerves…or is it?

It’s that time of year again! Parents are thrilled but your child(ren) might be a little anxious. Whether it’s starting kindergarten, going to high school or just getting back into the regular swing of things, those first few moments can be quite uncomfortable for some.


“Anxiety that continues throughout the day and doesn’t dissipate shortly thereafter, or anxiety that lasts more than the first few weeks of school, may warrant a consultation with a psychologist or therapist”, says Dr. Maria Antoniou, ...

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Using EFT – Emotion Focused Therapy – to learn how to identify deep-down emotions, embrace them, and move forward healthily

Life is not all roses and cucumber sandwiches. We experience conflict with our friends, loved ones, our co-workers and anyone in between. But we can’t just – in the words of Marge Simpson, “take our bad feelings and push them down all the way past our knees” and pretend they don’t exist. When used in an appropriate, healthy way, fear and anger help us make sense of a difficult situation and determine the best course of action. For our ancestors, ...

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Quote from Dr. Peter Levine’s book – In an Unspoken Voice

A person who is deeply feeling is not a person who is habitually venting
anger, fear or sorrow. Wise and fortunate individuals feel their emotions
in the quiet of their interiors, learn.from their feelings and are
guided by them. They act intuitively and intelligently on those feelings.
In addition, they share their feelings when appropriate and are
responsive to the feelings and needs of others. And, of course, because
they are human, they blow up from time to time; but ...

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Postpartum Depression

Approximately one out of eight women will suffer from postpartum depression. Research has found that effective screening for associated symptoms is often complicated by limited access to struggling women, mothers’ presentations as “put together”, and difficulties disclosing symptoms as a result of feelings of embarrassment, guilt, resentment and worries that their concerns will be dismissed. Moreover, the symptoms of postpartum difficulties are often ambiguous as a result of the overlapping symptoms within the realm of normal postpartum adjustment.

Mothers struggling with ...

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Eating Disorders – Our Approach

The Therapy Centre employs a multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of disordered eating and eating disorders. We work closely with a client’s team including physicians, dieticians, psychiatrists or other health care providers. We use evidence-based and innovative therapeutic modalities, including:

  • Family-Based Therapy – Designed primarily for adolescents, FBT empowers parents to take an active role in their child’s recovery and in the families’ recovery from this illness.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT works to address thoughts, feelings, ...
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