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Quote from Dr. Peter Levine’s book – In an Unspoken Voice

A person who is deeply feeling is not a person who is habitually venting
anger, fear or sorrow. Wise and fortunate individuals feel their emotions
in the quiet of their interiors, learn.from their feelings and are
guided by them. They act intuitively and intelligently on those feelings.
In addition, they share their feelings when appropriate and are
responsive to the feelings and needs of others. And, of course, because
they are human, they blow up from time to time; but ...

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Postpartum Depression

Approximately one out of eight women will suffer from postpartum depression. Research has found that effective screening for associated symptoms is often complicated by limited access to struggling women, mothers’ presentations as “put together”, and difficulties disclosing symptoms as a result of feelings of embarrassment, guilt, resentment and worries that their concerns will be dismissed. Moreover, the symptoms of postpartum difficulties are often ambiguous as a result of the overlapping symptoms within the realm of normal postpartum adjustment.

Mothers struggling with ...

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Dealing with Insomnia

Approximately one in seven Canadians have problems going to sleep or staying asleep, and thus is considered to have insomnia. Research has found close ties between insomnia and stress, chronic conditions such as arthritis that involve pain, anxiety and mood disorders, frequent use of alcohol or cannabis and obesity. These co-morbid relationships can be complex and it can be difficult to understand the cause and effect relationship. Insomnia can significantly interfere with an individual’s daily functioning and substantially affect quality ...

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